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We specialize in filtering and servicing Dehy, Refridge, Engine and Compressor glycols

Valhalla Filtration 2006 has been in business for 4 years and has 10 years experience with this process. Through research and development, Valhalla Filtration 2006 has developed the Tri “R” Process. With our experience and this program, we can solve you dehy problems. Our process is ultimately a preventative maintenance package which will ensure that it will keep your equipment running as it was designed. The net benefit to the customer is decreased costs and increased profitability.

Cleaning a dehy and/or refridge is essentially the same process. First, we tie into the accumulator section of your system and filter the fluid to 1 micron. We circulate the glycol at a flow rate of about 20-50 GPM. For larger systems we also have a unit that can circulate up to 100 GPM. How long we spend circulating the glycol depends on how contaminated the system is as well as its size. Typically, a unit can take anywhere from 5-16 hours. While filtering we add our chemical by putting it through our filter canisters, where in return it is pumped through our system to yours. The chemical circulates through your system entrained in your glycol to loosen scale and build up on piping, injector nozzles, trays, saddles, and burn tube. We also carry chemical that will adjust PH if levels are low.

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REDUCE: time, cost, waste, repairs, downtime

Valhalla’s Tri “R” Process reduces your company’s costs, the need to replace costly fluids and the disposal of hazardous waste. Our method eliminates costly shutdowns. The entire treatment can be done while the unit is online. Repairs are reduced, allowing your manpower time to increase your production.

REMOVE: scale, rust, foam, silica, chemical, hydrocarbons

Solid contaminates, one micron in size and larger are removed with Harvard’s patented filters. Hydrocarbons and production chemicals are absorbed into these filters. The filters absorb up to 5 litres of hydrocarbons and retain up to 60 lbs. of solids.

RESTORE: flow, trays, pumps, glycol, reboiler

Using highly concentrated multi functional additives, Valhalla Filtration can ensure your complete system is restored. The additives not only break down contaminates in the system, but remain to prevent future build-up. Harmful acids are neutralized, metal surfaces are cleaned, and pumps are lubricated allowing for peak efficiency.

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